Tuesday, September 12, 2006



We have large numbers! We have the skilled hands!
We have creative minds! We have vibrant hearts!
We have a broad vision! We have the big big fists!
With our old living chisels and also the hammers!!
As also now the pen and can also read and write!

Can now our pens write? Can we help it record??
What the chisels spoke all these long millenniums -
Softly silently but always continuously and endlessly?
Much more vibrantly boldly openly really vividly!
Clearly unambiguously! Can we all now use them?

Can we collectively write out Meaningful messages?
For our own people to read think debate improve!
That requires openly agitating our minds and hearts!
And use them more and more, much more clearly,
Effectively forcefully meaningfully and also honestly!

Can we now also start thinking to writing the agenda
Our actions and plans for our future and our children
What we are going to do with the Govts and Nation!
How we are going to deal with others who had been
Exploiting marginalising and sidelining us everywhere!

- a dalit


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